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Elevation Tour Photos

Tour Photos by our very own NYCL Photographer.

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Signs that YOU may be addicted!

Just a FEW of the more obvious signs that YOU may be addicted to Elevation! If 2 or more of these signs or symptoms apply to YOU, then YOU are an Elevation-aholic. We URGE you to seek treatment ... you know, add a few more shows, collect all the photos and bootlegs ...

  • You queue up at 6 AM, just to buy a movie ticket.

  • Anytime you hear ANY of the songs from the warm-up tape, you immediately get "elevated."

  • Bottled water is hoarded now. Anyone asking for a sip gets the death-stare.

  • You've never even HEARD of some of the places that you are traveling to to see the show.

  • Your bills are piling up. You're treading a thin line at work with the time you are taking off. Your vacation pay was over LONG ago. And suddenly, you're figuring out the driving time to Lexington, cos it's sooner than Milwaukee, and you just can't wait the extra 5 days!

  • "Into the Heart" has a whole other meaning to you now.

  • A visual of Charlton Heston immediately gets you screaming, "Outside it's America!"

  • You know, by name and face, all of the road crew and what their jobs are.

  • "Walk On" sort of depresses you now ... you know it's the end of the show!

  • By the end of the tour, you will have racked up: 2,136.8 driving miles, 7,219 flying miles, and approximately 1 month of lost sleep.

  • The show is over. Everyone has flown and/or driven home. You are alone. And you miss EVERYONE that was in the queue with you for those 12 long hours, even if you never caught their name! :-)

  • By Mandi, co-editor of NYCL
    © NYCL, 08.04.01

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